The Ultimate A-Level Differentiation Guide

Your 30-day guide to becoming a pro at A-Level differentiation.

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The two topics many students struggle with in Core Mathematics are differentiation and integration. Core Mathematics papers are always filled with questions from these two areas, and carry huge marks.

The first step is to know the ins and outs of A Level differentiation before you are able to tackle integration in Year 13.

This is very ideal for Year 11s going on to Year 12 as it would help you do most of the work now and tackle the easy bits once school resumes.

Stay ahead of your peers with this ultimate guide written by an A* Mathematics student, now studying chemical engineering at a Russell Group University, and interning with the UK's biggest supplier of low carbon electricity. 

Who is this ideal for?
  • Year 12 students who aim to polish up their differentiation before delving into the much tougher integration in Year 13.

  • Year 11 students who wish to take A Level Mathematics. 

What's in the ultimate guide?
  • A very practical 3-week do it yourself guide that also provides tips and tricks to easily grasping the concept of differentiation.

  • Practical learning techniques I employed in getting my differentiation to an A* level.

  • A list of useful online resources that I found very useful.

  • Practice questions and answers