Navigating A Level Results Day 2020

Phew! What can I say about this year's results day?

First, CONGRATULATIONS in advance!!!

Regardless of what you got, you should be proud of yourself and what you have achieved!

Emotions are high, and there is so much uncertainty, but I would like to encourage you to take care of your mental health i preparation for your results day.

My results day story

August 2017, I cannot remember the exact day, but I was very anxious.

I cannot imagine how you are feeling, waiting for your results in these times.

I understand you, and I have been there.

I know it is not quite the same this year but hang in there, it will be all over soon.

My results day did not go as expected; well, you can never quite prepare for a day like this. I thought I had smashed my exams, so imagine the shock staring at the letters ABB— tears flooded the report card. I was disappointed!

You probably think I am being dramatic; that is such amazing results, but for someone working towards 3A* or at least 3As, results day was not a happy one for me.

Looking back at my results day, I was grateful for the support I had; friends who comforted me; teachers who encouraged and advised me—I am glad they did because I was able to apply to university through the UCAS clearing service.

And I must say, that was the best decision I have made (details about my university experience would be in another blog post).

Anyways, enough about me.

I will like to say congratulations to the Class of 2020. Who would’ve thought you would be in such a position?

I want to encourage you to CELEBRATE yourself and celebrate with your friends because 2020 has been intense so far and you've MADE it this far.

Information on Results day 2020

Unless your school or college is sending out results digitally this year due to the pandemic, you most likely have to go to the schools to pick up your results. Make sure you double-check with your teachers/schools.

For those of you who have applied for university this year, the status of your university offer should update on UCAS track from 8 am on the 13th August 2020; the universities you've picked as firm and insurance choices will receive your results a few days before A-Level results day.

Will you receive your predicted grades on results day?

Well, you will only know once you receive your results on results day.

A-Level grades will be standardised; the exam boards will review your teachers’ predicted grades, and it would be adjusted based on your school or college’s past exam results.(

What to do to prepare for the day?

  • Days before results and on your results day, take care of your mental health, it can get overwhelming so, do check-in with yourself.

  • Have your ‘Track’ sign-in details available and update contact details if needed.

  • Make sure you are available, i.e. if you are on holiday make sure you are back in England on the day of the results as it saves you too much stress and hassle.

  • As difficult as it might be, do try to relax.

What to bring with you on A-level results day

  • A pen and notepad.

  • Your UCAS number.

  • Contact details for your firm and insurance choice universities.

  • A copy of your personal statement (you might need to sell yourself to prospective universities if you are going through clearing).

  • Pack of tissues which might be needed not only for you but your friends.

Students affected by COVID-19… what to do.

Here is a table that summarises everything about A-level results day, the outcomes and next steps.


What if you do not get your firm or insurance?

You can still apply for a place through UCAS clearing but before you do, call your firm and insurance universities and ask whether they would still be willing to offer you a place.

What if I am offered a different course?

Before you decide whether to accept the new offer, it's worth considering:

  • Are you interested in studying the new course?

  • Would the course help or hinder your future career plans?

  • Are there other routes you'd rather take, i.e. reapply to university next year, travel or find a job?

What if you miss out on your grades?

  • Depending on your grades, you might still get a place on your firm or insurance.

  • Offered an alternative course at your choice of university; maybe a different course, e.g. medicine, can be altered to biomedical science, you can either accept or decline this.

  • Search through clearing if none of the above applies and you still have no place (

  • Give universities a call to find out more about the course their offering and if there are spaces available.

What if you do better than expected?

Confirmation of choices

  • Once your choices are confirmed (Clearing/Adjustment), you will receive a confirmation letter which will appear on track a couple of days after your place is confirmed.

  • Check the letter carefully and follow the instructions stated in the letter.

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